Shades of Love: Portraits of Successful Marriages with Dr. Pia and Levett Washington

Welcome to another episode of the Leader and Love Podcast and today you are in for a treat! Today we are joined by Dr. Pia and Levett Washington. 

There’s so much talk around getting married, but we also need to see examples of good marriages and be able to see behind the scenes of how couples are doing the work to sustain their marriages. This is where the Washingtons come in. Tune in to hear their take on “having it all” in a successful marriage and how they navigated trust, finances, and intimacy along the way through their 5 Essential Elements of Effective Relationships.

Dr. Pia Washington is a dynamic speaker, coach and attraction specialist dedicated to helping people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers and organizations. Pia is a results-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience across a wide range of industries including Media & Entertainment, Technology, Biotech, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing. As a finance executive, she has achieved extraordinary results for many Fortune 500 companies including NBC Universal, DineEquity, Amgen, Guitar Center, Wellpoint, JP Morgan Chase, Exxon Mobil and Eaton Corporation. Pia is the loving mother of four children and she has been happily married to her junior high school sweetheart, Levett, for over 20 years. 

Levett and Pia are principals of The ECI Group which provides consulting and coaching services to Executives, Couples and Individuals. Together the two co-authored the books, Shades of Love: Portraits of Successful Marriages and Love is Never Enough: The Five Essential Elements of Effective Relationships. The vision for their coaching practice is to inspire others to maximize their potential by living an authentic life. The couple has appeared on THRIVE with Sandra Bishop, KKZZ AM 1400, KISS FM 102.7 and numerous Internet radio talk shows. You can connect with the Washintons via their relationship blog at 

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