The Misconceptions of Having It All with Mazda Miles

Join us as we talk with Mazda Miles about what having it all means to her. We discuss the misconceptions that may be holding you back from having it all. By redefining what abundance means, Mazda got clear on what she wanted in her life as she worked on unlearning society norms and releasing the expectation that the other shoe had to drop when it all seemed too good to be true. You are in for something good!

Mazda is a professional fire starter, speaker, podcast host, entrepreneur, and self-described “results fanatic.” She is the founder and principal of Perfection Events, an award-winning Philadelphia-based firm that produces meetings and events worldwide. She is also Chief FireStarter of her business consulting firm, Mazda Miles & Company, which provides consulting and mentoring of women entrepreneurs through her FireStarter Mentoring Program. As a past President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Greater Philadelphia chapter (the first woman of color to hold this position in two decades), she is also a respected voice in the conversation on diversity and inclusion both regionally and nationally. As host of Restrooms and Boardrooms podcast, she informs and inspires women on the topics of business, entrepreneurship, leadership culture, and life.

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