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Leader and Lover Podcast

Sis, you CAN have it all!

About Leader And Lover

How can a powerhouse woman under pressure tune into her pleasure?

Can you be sharp in the boardroom and soft in the bedroom? 

Welcome to Leader and Lover Podcast. We will take a journey and explore all aspects of black women and having it all. We’ll talk about relationship, career status, religion, spirituality, love, and sex, all the things that contribute to the total.


So join us as we take the journey on the Leader and Lover Podcast because girl, you definitely CAN have it all.

Cheri Spigner

Your Host

Cheri Spigner is the witty, sassy host of the Leader and Lover Podcast.  She is an executive in the medical device industry, an industry she is passionate about.  Like many other executive Black women, Cheri has had to wear the cape of employee, grad student, single mother, provider, lover, entrepreneur and friend. She has done everything from run for School Board and run a business helping student athletes qualify for scholarships. She, like other powerful executives has learned the delicate balance of navigating spaces where she is “the only”.  Unfortunately, she has not always successfully navigated relationships, that was, until she did her soul search and inner work. 

Meditation and a positive mindset are at the root of her confidence, positivity and optimism.  She is surrounded by a circle of excellence, powerful Black women who have defined what having it all means to them. Her positive words empower and motivate others.  She is an agent for change and is creating a platform to showcase the magic of Black women and Black love. That is the force behind the Leader and Lover Podcast.  During the Leader and Lover Podcast, Cheri will demystify the negative trope that black women can’t have it all and have it all with style, grace and class.  Sit back and enjoy the Leader and Lover Podcast.  Thank you for being here.


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