Having It All While Tuning into Your Authentic Self with Sherron Washington

You cannot have it all if you first do not begin with yourself. Today on the podcast, we are joined by Sherron Washington as she speaks about what it means to have it all while tuning into your authentic self.  Sherron has been described as the “real-deal” when it comes to engagement.  She is tremendously skillful at creating and cultivating authentic interactions that generate synergy that flourish into countless opportunities.  She uses a combination of her marcom business acumen, online and offline to create a distinctive and lasting presence that encourages and influences others to be more willing to build an integral relationship. Sherron’s goal is to educate businesses on how to develop and execute better marketing and communication strategies that will have successful outcomes.  

Sherron Washington, M.A. is a marketing and communication (marcomm) professional who has imparted her wisdom and expertise for over two decades. She has been deemed “The Marketing Whisperer” by many, due to her uncanny ability to assist businesses in developing innovative, results-driven, yet, simple marcom solutions.  Sherron is the founder and CEO of the P3 Solution, a full-service marketing and communications that specializes in providing easy marketing strategy, messaging, design and social media solutions for businesses. 

Sherron has a Masters of Arts in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a double minor in Business and Media Technology.

Resources mentioned in episode:

Sherron Washington – https://www.sherronwashington.com/author

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