Embracing Imperfection

Life can be overwhelming at times, even if you are surrounded by good news and positive people, keeping everything perfect is exhausting. In the final episode of Leader and Lover Season 1, I share a little bit about my most recent personal experience, getting married. I am a few weeks away from my wedding and even though I know everything is going to be magical, wedding planning has been exhausting. I’ve had to learn to let go of the little things and stop expecting everything to be perfect.

Listen to this episode to find out more about how my husband and I met and our journey along the way.

Episode overview:

  • How I met my soon-to-be husband and what online dating felt like. (02:17)
  • Letting go of toxic relationships and attracting people who truly love you. (03:40)
  • Dating during a pandemic. (04:24)
  • The beauty of dating via zoom, with no make-up and no filters. (06:20)
  • The hassle of planning a wedding and how this and my workload has driven me to my limits. (08:08)
  • Learning to roll with the imperfections of my wedding. (09:36)
  • Bringing down high expectations, failing is okay. (10:02)

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